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  1. dylansean:

A Hand-Cranked MIDI sequencer.


    A Hand-Cranked MIDI sequencer.

  2. Some new sounds from Miniature Airlines…

  3. The source code for the audio application Pure Data being interpreted as audio data by…Pure Data itself.

    Hjalti has used a similar technique to generate samples before - opening the executable file for an application as if it was raw audio data, and choosing snippets of the results to build compositions with. It’s an interesting and sometimes surprising approach to the glitch aesthetic.

    via zed equals zee

  4. How about a little live in-studio video of our pal the Googly?

  5. Whoa.

  6. Some ambient dub from Andreas Tilliander (aka Mokira), using three 303s, a 606, and some effects.

  7. You Are Listening To Los Angeles

    http://youarelisteningtolosangeles.com/ - a mashup of CC-licensed ambient audio from Soundcloud, and an LA police scanner feed.